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Baume & Mercier always strives to make an imprint on its times. The founders, brothers Louis-Victor and Celestin Baume, loyal to their motto "Accept only perfection; only manufacture watches of the highest quality," set out a very precise definition of the watches to be produced by this firm, established in 1830 and now one of the oldest in Switzerland.


A visionary, Louis-Victor was the first to use the Lepine caliber in the Jura.  He already intuitively sensed the potential of women's interest in watchmaking by gifting his daughter Melina a gold pocket watch in 1869. This decisive choice, particularly reinforced by innovative designs during the period 1920 - 1940, undoubtedly gives particular strength to the ladies' watchmaking collections today.


Also known for its complication watches, Baume & Mercier has excelled in the art of watchmaking with its chronographs, minute repetitions and chronometers. Baume & Mercier also filed a large number of patents that have since fallen into the public domain for inventions such as the one named "Planetary Rotor" in 1965, designed to fit extra-flat automatic timepieces.


Made in Switzerland since its foundation, Baume & Mercier watches have won awards at the various international exhibitions or competitions launched by chronometric observatories. In 1919, the firm was awarded the famous "Poincon de Geneve" or Geneva Hallmark, a token of exceptional craftsmanship and quality.


Today, the firm continues to strive to offer its customers watches worthy of celebrating a watchmaking tradition that goes back over 180 years, by upholding the values of fine workmanship which always meets customers' expectations. 


Baume & Mercier watches are available in our Pacific Centre store located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, as well as in our Richmond store, located in greater Vancouver.

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